Prestige Miro 13 DTF Automated Powder Applicator & Oven w/ Built In Air Purifier

The Miro 13 is DTF Station's best powdering and drying solution to every A3 and A4 sized DTF workflow. Due to more optimized and even heating, power consumption has dropped to 1100W, making for a more cost-efficient and accessible powdering solution. Plus, the built-in air purifier on the Miro 13 ensures a safer, more eco-friendly working environment that saves space taken by an external air purifier.

  • Built-in air purifier & smoke recycling system: save space and your workspace
  • Lower heating system: more even heating and curing
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Compact size
  • Easy to operate: powder shaking, curing, and air purifying in one machine
  • Low power consumption: 1100W
  • Simple set up: turn power on and start


  • Max Film Width: 13" (33cm)
  • Control Panel: Switch on/off
  • Power Consumption: 1.17KW, 10.6A(110V)
  • Voltage: 110VAC(10%) 50/60HZ
  • Product Weight: 77.16 lbs. / 35kg 
  • Packaging Weight: 110.23 lbs. / 50kg 
  • Product Dimensions: 40.03" D x 22.44" W x 19.92" H / 1017*570*506 mm 
  • Packaging Dimensions: 28.34" D x 24.40" W x 19.29" H / 720*620*490 mm

Compatible With:

    Please note that the Miro 13 only works with film rolls.

    The Prestige Miro Power Applicator and Dryer Oven ships via insured fright on a pallet.

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