Epson F6470H UltraChrome DS Ink - 1.6 Liter Orange Ink Packs

High-capacity 1.6-liter Ink Packs

High-performance dye-sublimation ink for apparel, décor and more

A high-performance dye-sublimation transfer ink technology, UltraChrome DS Ink delivers consistent results in high-capacity 1.6-liter ink packs. The versatile CMYK ink set features high-density Black Ink for highly efficient use that produces rich blacks and vivid colors. Additional color configurations feature Fluorescent Inks for high-visibility applications, Light Inks for smooth gradations and photographic applications, and Orange and Violet Inks for extended color gamut applications.

  • 4- and 6-color configurations available with Fluorescent Ink, Light Ink, or Orange/Violet Inks
  • 1.6 L replacement packs help reduce total cost of ownership
  • OEKO TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified
  • Compatible with the Epson F6470 & F6470H
  • 2 - Orange Ink Packs - T53KA20

Please note that using generic inks can cause poor quality prints along with print head damage.  We always recommend using Epson inks which are engineered to work with Epson's advanced dye-sublimation print heads.

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