Epson SureColor Magenta Ink Set for Epson F170 & Epson F570 - 4 Pack

Authentic Epson Dye-Sublimation refill Inks for Epson SureColor F170 and F570 printers. 140ml bottles of Magenta - T49M. High-efficiency ink formulated to achieve dramatic color intensity and high color contrast. Ink bottles feature exclusive auto-stop technology, for easy and mess-free ink refilling.

  • 4 Bottle Set
  • Latest Ink Formulation
  • 140ml Magenta - #T49M320
  • Oeko-Tex ECO PASSPORT certified when applied to fabric and appropriately fixed, garments have been determined safe for use by adults, children, and babies
  • 2 Year shelf Life - unopened
  • Compatible with the Epson F170, F570, & F570 PRO

Please note that using generic inks can cause poor quality prints along with print head damage.  We always recommend using Epson inks which are engineered to work with Epson's advanced dye-sublimation print heads.

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