Epson F2270 & F2100 3-in-1 DTF Vacuum Platen

Livingston Systems is excited to offer this frustration-free vacuum solution for single sheet DTF printing. No more taping, accidental film slips or curling.

This 3-in-1 platen allows you to effortlessly move between sizes with the simple rotation of a lever. Size options include A3, 14×16, and 16×20. 

Compatibility: Compatible with Epson SureColor F2100, F2270, F3070 
Innovation: designed specifically for Epson and Brother DTG printers seeking to expand into DTF Printing (compatible with Epson F2100, F2270, F3070 and Brother GTXpro, GTX600)
Enhanced Productivity: no more time wasted taping down film sheets and dealing with curled edges 
Increased Production: no more lost product due to accidental film slips
Seamless Integration: no tools needed, simply slide the platen onto the existing mount, attach the power cable and hose, press power and print
Cost effective: 3 platens for the low price of $599 (also includes the pump and rechargeable battery pack)
Quality: designed and manufactured in the USA with premium materials
Simple & Versatile: easily move between sizes by simply sliding the lever to the desired size (check it out beloww

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