Bernette B05 Academy Sewing Machine Bundle

Equipped with a wide range of functions, 30 exclusive stitches and a fast motor, the b05 ACADEMY by Bernette lets you quickly realize your wildest ideas. For tricky projects that require a slower pace, you can reduce the maximum sewing speed. It comes with an impressive 12 presser foot soles – for every sewing task, an easy-to-attach finger guard and even more sewing space with the large, convenient extension table. Who knows what ideas you‘ll have tomorrow? The b05 ACADEMY will always be there for you.

  • Highest sewing speed (1100spm)
  • 30 essential stitches
  • Super stretch (Lycra) stitch and blanket stitch
  • Finger guard
  • 2 LED sewing lights
  • Power switch with speed limitation
  • 12 included presser feet
  • High-quality extension table
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical, 2 Year Electrical Warranty and 1 Year Labor

    Exclusive stitch selection for all your needs
    Besides offering 30 essential stitches including the 1-step-buttonhole, the b05 exclusive stitch set features also the two most wanted stitches: Lycra Stitch for super stretchy materials and Blanket Stitch.

    Perfect fabric feeding made easy
    Ensuring an even fabric feeding has never been easier thanks to the adjustable presser foot pressure. Unwanted gathering of both thin and thick fabrics is the past! Adjust the upper thread tension in order to optimally balance the upper and bobbin thread. 

    Retractable feed dog
    With the help of the retractable feed dog, you will effortlessly have evenly spaced stitches when darning or free motion sewing. Just lower the feed dog by a simple move on the back of your machine.

    Want to go full speed or half speed? 
    Tricky sewing projects? Then the half speed mode with maximum 650spm is perfect for you! Are you sewing long straight seams? Then feel the sewing flow at a sewing speed up to a 1110 stitches per minute. The speed limiter makes both possible. 

    Super large slide on table
    The easy-to-attach and included slide-on table makes sewing and fabric guiding even more comfortable, especially for large dewing projects. The fabric will glide smoothly over the rounded shaped table. 

    Includes Accessories
    Zigzag Foot * Hemmer Foot * Zipper Foot * Satin Stitch Foot * Button-Sew-On Foot * Blind Stitch Foot * Buttonhole Foot with Slide * Overlock Foot * Darning Foot * Edgestitch Foot * Bobbins (3) * Spool Net * Second Spool Pin * Seam Guide * Brush * Seam Ripper * Oiler * Spool Disc Large * Felt Disc * Spool Disc Small * Screwdriver * Selection of Needles * Height Compensating Tool * Finger Guard * Extension Table * Foot Control *  Power Cord


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