Direct To Garment (DTG) Pre-treatment Equipment

Lawson is the leading manufacturer of Direct-To-Garment Pre-Treatment Sprayers for all types of needs

  • An automatic pretreat machine is a great way to stop pre-treating by hand. 
  • Lawson's pre-treat sprayers work with any brand of pretreatment solution.
  • Use Lawson's pretreat machines for dark and white (CMYK) pre-treat solution, along with cotton and polyester pretreat.
  • Every pretreat machine purchase comes with free training and support. 

The Viper line of DTG Pretreatment Machines

VIPER MINI: If you are an Just getting started in Direct To Garment and don't want to spend a LOT on a pretreatment machine, the Viper MINI is a great way to get started. It requires just a table top and stores away easily while providing great pretreatment application!
VIPER MAXX: The MAXX is truly a production oriented pretreatment machine with production rates of 90-135 shirts per hour on a single Viper MAXX. In addition, you can utilize the BUILT-IN bar code scanning feature to implement customized pretreatment areas and application amounts for each style of shirt and individual customer order. This enables you to more efficiently apply pretreatment, use less fluid, and increase productivity while maintaining up-time.
VIPER XPT-1000: The ViperXPT-1000 is a revolutionary new way to pretreat. With a price point of $2,995 there's no reason to not own an automatic pretreatment machine. Completely adjustable spray width and height makes pretreating easier than ever

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