Affordable 24" Vinyl Cutter: Using GCC with Silhouette Studio

July 25, 2018

Affordable 24

Order your 24 Inch GCC AR-24 Vinyl Cutter HERE

I'm about to be long the name of a larger cutting machine - so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and hear me out on this one...

Several months ago you may remember I did a poll asking Silhouette School readers if they'd be interested in a larger cutter.  The more than 10k responses were overwhelmingly in favor of a larger cutter that is both affordable and has the ability to run on Silhouette Studio. 

I took the results of that feedback back to the executive team at Silhouette in May while at a meeting in Hawaii. My recommendation is:
  • 18-24" Silhouette CAMEO 2 equivalent 
  • Larger cutter that 100% runs on Silhouette Studio 
  • Affordable price ($400-450-ish)
  • Software allows existing Silhouette users to utilize all the designs they already have without having to learn a new software program
Say that 3x fast ;)
No news yet on if Silhouette America will finally make a larger Silhouette CAMEO - although I am hopeful we've made headway! If they do, it very likely won't be announced until May 2019 at the next Silhouette Summit and then released several months after that.  That would be about three years after Silhouette released their most recent new cutting machine, the CAMEO 3 in 2016 (unless you count the Portrait 2).  That's a long time to wait to upgrade for Silhouette users - especially those who run a Silhouette business - who've outgrown their Silhouette CAMEO 3s.  Continue reading...

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