GCC AR 24 Craft Cutter

When you need a machine you can count on for seamless operation and flawless outcomes, there are a few names which come to mind immediately. For example, the GCC AR 24 craft cutter offers precision and power with every use for an impressive machine you are sure to love. Ideal for beginners and advanced operations alike, this machine offers ease of use with great results for a range of project types.

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We are pleased to offer several options for adding the reliability and prowess of the GCC AR 24 craft vinyl cutter to your next creation. With the possession of a posh style, AR-24 performs perfectly in cutting with its optimized cutting speed and force and lead to a stunning cutting quality, yet it is priced at a startup level and is worthy of return on investment. The GCC AR-24 is built to achieve the optimized cutting abilities with the maximum of 15.7ips (400 mm/sec) cutting speed and 250 grams cutting force. With the GCC AR 24 craft cutter, you get a powerful machine with a lot of useful features. These machines come with such important elements as cutting blade, cutting blade holder, vinyl trimmer, roll feeder attachment for tabletop use, cutting strip, USB cord, and more. They are also compatible with commonly used software such as GreatCut, SingPal 12, FlexiSign 12, Sure Cuts A lot, and Sure Cuts A Lot Pro, as well as included Greatcut Plugin for Corel DRAW and Illustrator. Choose from desktop models or the same model with a stand included to fit the needs of your operation. When looking for an option to get started right away, check out our GCC AR 24 craft vinyl cutter bundles which include all the essentials needed to start creating as soon as your order arrives. Add this powerhouse to your next project today!

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