Silhouette Mint

The Silhouette Mint is the most innovative and powerful custom stamping system on earth. The machine's special "thermal printing" ability lets you create 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets. Simply apply Mint inks to your stamp and you are ready to roll. Stamp up to 50 times before reapplying your Mint ink! Design it, Mint it, ink it, stamp it!

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We are pleased to be your source for the latest in silhouette Mint machines from this respected name in the industry. Made with a focus on ease of use and outstanding results, these machines allow you to easily create stamps in a variety of ways such as text from your computer, images from the Silhouette Design Studio, designs from the Mint Studio, and more. You can even turn a photograph into a stamp with this clever and fun machine at the ready! We bring you not only this reliable and fun machine but also all the essential items you need to get started creating your new stamps. With our bundles, you get not only the Silhouette Mint machine itself, but also items such as inks, blocks, pads, exclusive downloadable designs, and more to help you start creating designs as soon as your order arrives. In addition to the Silhouette Mint machines with a bundle option, you will also find bundles of just accessories for those who already own their own machine. When looking for an option with everything you need to create several designs, the larger bundles with a diverse array of ink colors and pad and block sizes will give you the chance to let your creativity soar to new heights. We also offer smaller bundles of this nature perfect for those on a budget. When looking for inks to restock your collection, we offer bundles with a range of colors and options ranging from 18 colors to 5 colors to meet your exact needs. Whatever you are looking for, our collection of Mint supplies has you covered! Order today and start creating your new design!