Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Siser Sublimation Printer Bundles

Create like never before with the new and improved Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 HD Product Decorating System with Siser inks designed to work with all sublimation blanks plus Siser Easysubli HTV. Sawgrass Virtuoso systems are the industry’s first and only fully integrated desktop solution designed specifically for sublimation.

The perfect printer for hobbyists or moonlighter, the SG500 fits comfortably on a desktop and prints media up to 8.5" x 14".  Or expand the max media size to 8.5" x 51" with the bypass tray. The SG500 has been updated inside out from its predecessor, the SG400. The SG500 is backwards-compatible with all SG400 accessories.

Decorate a wide variety of products made from polyester fabrics or polymer-coated rigid media including: Aluminum Panels and Inserts, Hardboard and Wood Plaques, Tile, Mugs, Acrylic, Glass, Slate, Polyester Fabric, and Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic.

What inks to select:  Siser inks vs. HD inks.  There is very little difference between the inks.  Both inks transfer vibrant colors to textiles and hard surfaces.  If you plan to utilize Easysubi (HTV that can take a sublimation transfer) for cotton or dark fabrics the Siser inks will provide a slightly brighter print, however both styles of inks will work.  Inks sets can not be swapped once installed. 

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