Prestige DTF Printers Black Friday Sale

Presenting the Prestige A4 DTF Roll & Sheet Printer, DTF Station's smallest & best Direct to Film printer ever! Perfect for garment printing enthusiasts starting out with direct to film printing, this desktop printer is available in three color options – classic (black and grey), pink, and mint. It ensures high-quality and reliable results at 9 square feet per hour, and its compact design means you can place this printer just about anywhere. We offer financing options on all Prestige DTF Printers.  Sale ends November 27th!

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  • 9 sq. Feet Per Hour! Fast Speed at a Comparably Low Price
  • Epson L805 Print Head
  • Updated Internals from Previous Prestige Models
  • Perfect for Entry Level DTF Printing
  • Intuitive, Elegant Design for Easy Setup and Use
  • Accepts A4 Rolls and A4 Sheets

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