Oracal 751 Glossy Vinyl

Finding the right material to bring a creation to life in vivid color doesn't have to be difficult! With our selection of Oracal 751 glossy vinyl in a range of hues and choices, find the perfect solution to bring any creation to life. Oracal 751 is a high performance cast vinyl with ultra gloss finish. Comes in 2 Mils thick. Made in the U.S.A. Perfect for car decals, and any other outdoor use. It lasts up to 7-8 years outdoor. Oracal 751 glossy vinyl in Metallic colors last up to 5-years. When applying make sure to seal down the edges as best as possible. After application let sit at least 24 hours, we recommend 72 hours. Try to avoid small intricate designs. Works well with non porous surfaces such as glass and stainless.  

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This type of material has a few great aspects which make it worth adding to your next project. This Oracal 751 glossy vinyl is a long lasting permanent adhesive-backed material which is best used for any outdoor project, mugs, crafters who sell a finished product, or any other place you want the design to stay long term. It can last up to 8 years in outdoor settings which is a testament to the incredible durability of the material. This Oracal 751 glossy vinyl is easy to weed and can wrap around corners which only adds to its overall versatility. Available in 12x12 sheets in a thickness of 2mm, this high performance material has an ultra-gloss appearance making it ideal for a range of applications. These options for Oracal 751 glossy vinyl are great for everything from car decals to dishware thanks to the durability. They work well with nonporous surfaces such as glass and stainless. They are also dishwasher safe in the top rack making them perfect for creating a range of unique designs with added peace of mind. Best of all, Oracal 751 glossy vinyl is compatible with any cutter machine including top choices such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, and Brother.

We offer a range of colors to choose from when shopping for this material. Whether you need a basic color such as white, black, or yellow, we have you covered. We even offer a few unique color variations on staple colors like our red which comes in light red, tomato red, and middle red, for example. These variations ensure you get the exact color tone you need for the project with ease. Order today and make the most of your next project!

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