Oracal 631 Vinyl Sheets


When making your next craft project, you need the right material to bring your vision to life. With our selection of Oracal 631 vinyl sheets at affordable prices, find the right color for a range of project types. Since Oracal 631 is a semi-permanent adhesive backed vinyl, it's easy to work with and is best intended for any indoor project, wall, temporary stencil, or any other place you are looking for a short term application. We offer both sheets and rolls in select colors.

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We offer a range of colors when looking for the ease and appeal of Oracal 631 vinyl sheets. With blue, green, red, black, and white, we cover the basics, but you will also find several variations of each basic color such as denim blue, ice blue, and light blue for example. From key lime pie shades of green to castle grey, we truly have a wide range of color choices to help you get the right hue for the project. Offered in multiple sizes to get the right one for your project needs and machine, these Oracal 631 vinyl sheets are durable enough to last for years of enjoyment. The standard vinyl has a 3-year indoor durability while the metallics have a 4-year durability. These Oracal 631 vinyl sheets are 3 mils thick and proudly made in the U.S.A. for added appeal. They are matte in appearance to reduce glares yet still offer vibrant color intensity sure to please. Whether you are creating projects for your home or products for your shop, these materials are ready to bring some colorful life to any design. We also offer transfer tape to accompany this material to make the job easier than ever. Order today and bring some color to your next creation!

We are committed to bringing our customers all the necessary supplies to work with their favorite machines. If you have any questions about our selections, please reach out to our staff for assistance.