Oracal 631 24" Matte Vinyl Rolls


Whether you are creating projects as gifts for friends or running your own shop full of colorful products, you need the right material for the job. A great choice for a range of applications, Oracal 631 matte vinyl rolls make it easy and affordable to bring your vision to life in vivid colors. As a semi-permanent adhesive backed vinyl, this choice is great for any indoor project, wall, temporary stencil, or any other place where you are looking for a short term application. Ideal for a range of projects while providing an exciting splash of color, these Oracal 631 matte vinyl rolls are a must-have for any crafter.

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We offer a range of color choices when shopping for this important item. Made with vivid colors for a high-quality appearance, Oracal 631 matte vinyl rolls are free from shine or gloss making them ideal for those looking to avoid glares in the end result. Easy to work with and compatible with any vinyl cutter machine, this type of material gives incredible versatility so you can create your project in vivid detail. We offer a wide range of color choices such as various blues, greens, reds, and more. Finding the right color is easy with our collection of affordable Oracal 631 matte vinyl rolls! Best of all, it is a better value than buying individual sheets of the same material which makes it perfect for big projects or stocking up on your staple colors. You also have a choice in terms of sizing with both 6-foot rolls and impressive 150-foot rolls at the ready. We also offer a swatch book to help you pinpoint which colors are best suited to your project for added ease. Whether you need a little or a lot, we have all the vinyl you need right here. Order today and stock up on the must-have essentials at a great value.

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