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When looking for an innovative brand backed by decades of excellence in both manufacturing and performance, there are a few names which immediately come to mind. Founded in 1949, Graphtec is a leader in creating high-quality plotters and cutters backed by a strong foundation of knowledge and innovation. When looking for Graphtec pen holders and more, we have you covered with the high-quality solution your machine needs to get back to work.

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We offer several great choices for Graphtec pens and more to ensure the power and function of your favorite machine. When looking for Graphtec pens in particular, we offer several options including ink colors of red or black in fiber tip styles as well as ballpoint options in a value pack for added savings and convenience. These non-permanent pens are easy to use and offer great results without much mess. We also offer the necessary Graphtec pen holders to go with this aspect of designing to make sure you have everything you need. We offer these holders in options designed for ballpoint, fiber tip, and Sharpie marker to give you the versatility you need to create stunning designs with ease and speed. Our inventory has options for the CE and FC series from Graphtec which ensures proper performance and results for your machine. Regardless of which pen holder is ideal for your needs or machine, every option here is made with the same high-quality hallmarks of excellence you expect of the name Graphtec. Made with high-quality materials and thoughtful manufacturing, these products ensure a successful outcome for your designs needs with every use. Best of all, we offer affordable prices and a great selection when shopping with us to ensure you find the right choice. Order today and get back to designing!

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