Silhouette School's New Cameo Guide Book with Videos!

June 07, 2017

Silhouette School's New Cameo Guide Book with Videos!

 The Ultimate Silhouette Guide V4 eCourse is not only in-depth and comprehensive but it's organized in a logical progressive order to help you learn Silhouette Studio V4 and the cutting machines. The guide includes more than 200 pictures and screen grabs along with four Silhouette Studio V4-based video lessons.

Video Lesson 1: Silhouette America Account Set-Up & Studio Installation (17 mins)
Video Lesson 2: Library, Cloud, Bluetooth Set-Up (18 minutes)
Video Lesson 3: Silhouette Studio V4 Tools Overview (1 hour)
Video Lesson 4: Understanding the Send Panel  (18 minutes)
When you purchase the Ultimate Silhouette Guide eCourse you will immediately receive a PDF file for download! That's your ebook...and within you'll find links where you can click to stream (or type in the URL of the videos in your Internet browser) the four video lessons. You can watch and re-watch them as often as you'd like after downloading your ebook!

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