Silhouette Cameo Light Hold Cutting Mat 12" x 12"

The CAMEO Light Hold Cutting Mat is intended for use with the Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO, including Cameo 5 & Cameo 4, to hold more delicate materials in place when sending jobs to the Silhouette machine. The mat has a light adhesive level to hold thinner materials, such as copy paper. 

  • Cutting Size Area: 12 inch width x 12 inch length
  • Adhesive Level: Light hold
  • Updated Design: Enhanced Grid Lines, Cut from Both Sides
  • Works with all Cameo Machine Versions including Cameo 5 Line, Cameo 4 Line, Cameo 3, Cameo 2, Cameo, Cameo PRO, and Cameo Plus
  • Works with Curio 2
  • Intended for Material Types: Copy Paper, Patterned Paper, Vellum, Other Specialty Materials 

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