Roland MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer with Gift Kit

Perfect for kiosk and gift shop applications, the new METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer with Gift Kit is a low-cost, easy-to-operate solution for personalizing high-value metal items and making them even more unique and profitable.

The METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer introduces new features for imprinting onto more gift items and a wider range of equipment. These include a removable base plate and base unit to allow imprinting onto larger items.

Without debris, noise or odor, users can add photo quality detail and complex barcode data to a printable area as small as one square millimeter and as large as 80 millimeters.

  • Imprint photos, text, and vector graphics onto jewelry, golf clubs, vases, smart devices, watches, trophy plates and other high-value items
  •  Printable area of 3.2” x 3.2” 
  • Removable base allows for impact printing on materials up to 2.8” thick
  • Diamond-tipped stylus marks silver, copper, platinum, brass, and aluminum up to 200HV
  • Built-in laser pointer for quick and precise imprint set-up
  • Automatic surface detection
  • Features a selection of vises for quick set-up and personalization
  • Removable base enables imprinting onto large items
  • Automatically apply serial data, numbers and names to each item in a giftware series or add unique security numbers to expensive jewelry items.
  • Easy to use software

Bundle Includes:

  • MPX-95 Photo Impact Printer
  • Gift Personalization Kit:
    • Center vise with clamp pins - Uniquely position different-sized clamp-pins to hold irregular shaped items for repeat, precise personalization of giftware, jewelry, and cylindrical items like vases. 
    • Center vise - When imprinting onto different items in succession, the center vise allows for quick set-up and personalization.
    • Head caps - Thirty rounded head caps are included in the Gift Kit for imprint use on curved and irregular surfaces
  • METAZA Studio  and Dr. Engrave Software
  • Test Use Material
  • AC Adapter/ Power Cord
  • USB Cord
  • Users Manual
  • Only works with Windows OS
  • Lifetime Product Support
  • 1 Year Trouble-Free Warranty

MPX-95 User Manual
MPX-95 Brochure

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