Image Armor Titanium Liquid Pretreat for DTG - 5 Gallons

Another Direct to garment industry breakthrough. A DTG pretreatment with UV resistance. UV resistant at its core.

At Image Armor our goal is to continually work to improve the Direct To Garment printing industry. We strive to improve the processes and components that make DTG printing possible. One of the biggest issues since white ink printing was a reality is that the pretreatments would most likely discolor when exposed to UV sunlight. However, at Image Armor we have taken pretreatment to the next level. We've giving it an SPF of 1000.

Most pretreatments for white ink printing will discolor when exposed to sunlight. And discolor very quickly (within the first couple minutes of strong sunlight). So, what has our newest product TITANIUM accomplished?

  • UV RESISTANT – Titanium will not yellow when properly applied and exposed to direct UV sunlight. 
  • WHITE INK COMPATIBLE – Used for when you need to print a white ink underbase.
  • LESS STAINING -Easier to use on some of those harder to pretreat shirts.

Give Your Shirts UV Protection - TITANIUM is designed for DTG pretreating so it will not discolor when exposed to the sun prior to washing. No more customer returns due to UV reaction. It is white ink printing without worries.
Achieve Butter Smooth Results -  W
ith the proper amount of pretratment applied you can achieve buttery smooth white ink prints that will wow you and your customers. 
Incredible White Shirt Printing With White Ink - Now you can up your game on white T-Shirts and garments with white ink prints without the worry of it yellowing in the sun. Get incredibly smooth, butter like prints with your DTG printer with less worry about what might happen after the customer takes their shirts home. TITANIUM is not designed for CMYK only printing, so make sure to put a white under base in your image!
Make The Competition Green With Envy - Even on some of those REALLY hard to pretreat shirt colors like light blue and sea foam green, create incredibly beautiful white ink prints with unparalleled awesomeness. Titanium is designed to work on more harder to pretreat colors for your most demanding white ink printing requirements.  
UV Is The Enemy. Titanium Is The Cure - Even on a cloudy day UV rays can damage and discolor your pretreated shirt if it is not washed prior to wearing out in the sun. This TIME LAPSE shows how fast your pretreatment can discolor. Here 1 second of video is equal to 4 minutes in the sun. Some shirts will show this discoloration more than others, but why chance a customer returning a shirts for this reason? TITANIUM resolves this issue for you!

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