How to Use IColor Hard Surface Paper with Uninet IColor 560

September 27, 2021

How to Use IColor Hard Surface Paper with Uninet IColor 560

If you're new to using the Uninet iColor 560 you probably started with the 2 Step Paper for making full color transfers for shirts. But the iColor 560 can do a lot more than just white toner transfers for shirts. You can also print full color transfers for hard surfaces as well...such as making full color custom mug transfers.

IColor 560 Hard Surface Paper | Swing Design

The iColor Hard Surface paper is a great alternative to sublimation because you don't need sublimation blanks and it works on all color surfaces! This tutorial will walk you through how to use iColor Hard Surface Paper with the Uninet iColor 560 to make a custom mug
Using the Uninet iColor 560 white toner printer is ideal for this project because it has multiple colors, multiple small pieces, and my mug is black.

  • Multi-color designs means you have to layer a lot of vinyl which can be time consuming.
  • The many small pieces of this design would make it tricky for print and cut on printable vinyl. Since the surface area of the adhesive area would be so thin, you risk having the design peel up.
  • Both options would make sublimation a great alternative, except this mug is black...which means it can't be sublimated onto...and there are white areas to the design which a sublimation printer can't print.

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