xTool Ultimate Laser Material Kit - 159 Pieces

A must-have material pack with 28 popular materials, 159pcs laser material. This product contains common materials such as acrylic, plywood, two-color boards, felt, leather, paper, metal, stone, silicone straps, etc. It can be processed directly without using any accessories. Versatile Applications: Ultimate Laser Material Kit is a comprehensive laser material pack that combines a variety of standard and practical laser materials and is suitable for all users. All materials come with recommended parameters that can help you get the ideal craft effect. The product manual comes with case albums of various materials, which can help you better process inspiration and experience.

Bundle Includes:

  • 2 x Basswood Plywood
  • 1 x Walnut Plywood
  • 1 x Black Opaque Glossy Acrylic Sheet
  • 1 x Iridescent Transparent Acrylic
  • 1 x Frosted Black Acrylic
  • 1 x Laser Engraving Two-Tone Plastic Sheet-Brushed Silver to Black
  • 1 x Pre-cut Self-adhesive Cork Sheet
  • 1 x Self-adhesive Cork Sheet
  • 6 x Felt
  • 3 x Shimmer Self-adhesive Vinyl
  • 20 x Kraft Paper
  • 5 x Shrinky Dink Paper Kit
  • 10 x Black Scratch Paper
  • 2 x Laser Engraving Marking Paper
  • 3 x Laser Engraving Photo Paper
  • 1 x Laserable PU Sheet-Brown to Silver
  • 1 x Laserable PU Sheet-Black to Silver
  • 1 x Laserable PU Sample Patch-Blue to Silver
  • 1 x Denim Bag
  • 1 x Laser Engraving Rubber Stamp Set
  • 4 x Rainbow Silicone Watch Band
  • 2 x Square Rock Coaster
  • 1 x Round Glass Coaster
  • 10 x Wooden Keychain-Rounded rectangle/Round
  • 40 x Metal Business Card
  • 2 x Metal Business Card Holder
  • 26 x Metal Jewelry
  • 6 x Laserable PU Patch

Iridescent Transparent Acrylic can only be cut & engraved by xTool P2/Laserbox. Other materials are applicable to all xTool machines(except 2W Infrared Laser).

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