xTool Fire Safety Set: Auto Fire Detection & Fire Extinguishing Attachment

xTool Fire Safety Set: Full Auto Fire Detection & Fire Extinguishing for xTool M1, D1, P2 & Laserbox

The Safest Possible Way to Detect & Suppress Fire

  • Compatible with xTool D1 Series, M1, P2 and Laserbox
  • Compatible with all 455nm blue diode laser or CO2 laser machines that are in a 0.13m³ enclosed space
  • Safe & Clean Co2 Gas
  • Apply to <0.13 m3 Enclosed Space

Auto Flame DetectionBy using 5 fire detection sensors and integrated
algorithms of light, temperature, and position inside the enclosed laser, xTool Fire Safety set is sensitive to any possible dangers of fire.
Auto Alarm TriggeringImmediately after it detects fire, xTool Fire Safety Set will automatically trigger the alarm, warning users of the fire by continuous "beeping" sounds. You can stop the alarm by pushing a button on it, if you want to deal with the fire in your own way.
Auto Power CutTo prevent further exacerbating the burning fire and protect the laser machine from fire, the smart switch of the xTool Fire Safety Set will shut down the working laser automatically in a few seconds after the alarm sounds.
Auto Fire Extinguishing - After seconds of alarming, xTool fire safety set will automatically release the CO2 gas into the enclosed laser and quench the fire with non-toxic and odorless fumes, preventing the laser machine from further damage and leaving a clean laser workspace afterwards.
Open Machine with an EnclosureUse a cover to keep the working space enclosed.
As long as the enclosed space is under 0.13m3, xTool Fire Safety Set can extinguish the fire effectively.
Enclosed MachineEnclosed machine that has the working space up to 0.13m3 can work with xTool Fire Safety Set. (Be aware that an air tube is needed to put into the enclosed space for it to work).

Bundle Includes:

  • Control Box
  • Sensor Hub
  • Tube
  • Tube Clamp
  • Cable Tie Pack
  • 3m Tape
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • Smart Switch
  • Cable Clamp
  • Sensor 1
  • 6 x Sensor 2
  • 4 x CO2 Gas Bottles

*Noted that xTool Fire Safety Set cannot guarantee 100% safety in fire accidents. Please use the laser machine according to its guide and do not leave the machine during processing.

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