Uninet iColor ProRip Software Upgrade - For OKI Printers

Now you can own the most advanced and easy to use RIP software available!

  • Compatible with the Okidata 711WT, 920WT, 8432 and 831TS models.
  • ProRIP was made for a “production” atmosphere. It allows multiple page, continuous printing without the need to press the “online” button like TransferRIP.
  • All Print modes are setup for the user, they don’t have to remember to set the mirror print, choke, white density, media type, media tray, etc. You just simply pick your paper and the rest is set for you.
  • The colors are more accurate! We have custom ICC profiles for each print mode and paper so you will receive fewer complaints that the colors are not correct.
  • Built in editing tools (like Gimp and Fluidmask). Included free and integrated to let users make edits quickly without the need for Photoshop.
  • The ProRIP has a perpetual license for upgrades (unlike TransferRIP that has 3-6 months max free updates).
  • No update codes required, the dongle controls all of this. The customer also gets lifetime updates for this version of the software.
  • Includes demo SmartCUT integration - purchase of SmartCUT is required for the full, licensed version. 

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