Roland MODELA MDX-50 Benchtop Milling Machine

The MDX-50 benchtop CNC mill combines precise, automated milling and unmatched ease-of-use. An ideal solution for short-runs and prototypes, the MDX-50 reduces operation time and simplifies production so users of all abilities can mill functional parts with incredible quality on a wide range of materials.

Automatic Tool Changer - The MDX-50 increases performance with an expanded machining area and increased operating speeds, while reducing production time with faster job processing and a 5-station Automatic Tool Changer for continuous operation without stopping to change milling tools.
Operator-Friendly Control and Software -Become a 3D milling expert almost immediately with the MDX-50’s simple yet powerful built-in control panel and virtual control panel (VPanel), and bundled SRP Player CAM software that’s easy-to-use and simplifies operation. With the control panel at the front of the unit, almost all operations can be completed from the unit itself without having to go back to a PC. The VPanel interface operates seamlessly with the MDX-50 and allows users to make changes to spindle rotation or speed during operation.

  • Advanced drive system supports dimensional stability
  • Large machining area plus enhanced machine rigidity and drive mechanics
  • Optional Rotary Axis with self-centering headstock and tailstock workpiece clamps
  • Simple-to-load tools and automatic machine calibration
  • Requires no special electrical set-up and needs no additional air compressor
  • Multi color-coded LED status light notifications and email notifications inform users of machine status
  • Built-in debris collection drawer with rail guided safety door for safe and clean production
  • Compatible with: ABS, POM, Nylon, Plastic foam, Modeling wax, PVC, Plywood, Hardwood and Acetal
  • Work Area: 15.8" x 12" x 5.32"
  • Loadable Workpiece Size: 15.8" x 12" x 3.9"
  • Table Size: 15.8" x 12"

Bundle Includes:

  • MODELA MDX-50 Milling Machine
  • SRP Player CAM and ClickMill Software
  • Detection Pin
  • Hexagonal Screwdriver
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • Tool Holder
  • Tool Positioner 
  • Z0 Sensor
  • AC Adapter/ Power Cord
  • USB Cord
  • Users Manual
  • Only works with Windows OS
  • Lifetime Product Support
  • Trouble-Free Warranty


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