Roland BN2-20A, BN2-20, BN-20A, Eco-Sol Max 2 Ink 220cc - MAGENTA ESL4-MG

Eco-Sol MAX 2 offers fast drying time, high density, wide color gamut, rugged scratch resistance and low cost per square foot. MAX is virtually odorless, and graphics are water and UV resistant up to 3 years outdoors* without lamination. It’s also environmentally friendly. Eco-Sol Max ink has received GREENGUARD Gold (2818) Certification from Underwriters Laboratories for low VOC emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.  The BN-20, & BN2-20 Series can be set up in for printing both standard and luxury items.

  • Eco-Solvent Max 2 Ink 220cc - Magenta ESL4-MG

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