GFP On-Site Installation and Operator Training

Training for models 563TH-4RS, 363TH, 355TH, 263C, 255C, 230C & 44TH.

Training Includes:

  • Unpacking and assembly of the machine. Fine tuning calibration, if necessary, for roller nip pressure and brake/clutch tension. Inspection of
    electronics, fuses, circuit breakers and boards to insure machine is operational according to specifications
  • Explanation of cleaning and periodic maintenance procedures and troubleshooting
  • Instruction on laminator controls, safety features, and operational tips and tricks for loading, webbing, roller pressure, gap adjustment, and web
    tension control
  • Demonstration and operator instruction for 2-3 hours on methodologies for Mounting, Laminating, Decaling, Single side lamination, and Precoating
    boards with different films, mounting adhesives, and Kraft paper

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