Epson SureLab D570 Professional Minilab Photo Printer Bundle with Inks

Merging stunning quality with affordability, the ultra compact SureLab D570 with inks provides the best versatile solution for printing brilliant small-format photos, making it ideal for photo, event and retail environments. This minilab has a small footprint and features the latest in professional imaging technology, coupling our advanced  MicroPiezo AMC printhead with vivid UltraChrome D6r-S Ink to consistently deliver crisp, vibrant pictures. With low power consumption, this printer also is energy efficient enough to be powered by a user-provided portable battery, so you can print wherever you are. The D570 prints 4" x 6" photos in as little as 14 seconds, so you can provide customers with the photos they want on demand, at virtually any time.

Engineered to be lightweight and portable, this printer is easy to carry to your next on-site event. In addition, with a stackable design, you can scale up your business and add more printers to keep up with customer demand. For improved usability, the D570 features built-in wireless connectivity as well as simplified software that enables you to create professional prints with either the minilab’s redesigned printer driver or your smartphone. Designed for portability without sacrificing quality, the SureLab D570 is the ideal and affordable solution for small-format photo printing.

          Epson D570 Bundle Includes:

          • Epson SureLab D570 Printer - 4" x 6
          • 70ml Black Ink - T54C1
          • 70ml Cyan Ink - T54C2
          • 70ml Magenta Ink - T54C3
          • 70ml Yellow Ink - T54C4
          • 70ml Light Cyan Ink - T54C5
          • 70ml Light Magenta Ink - T54C6
          • Maintenance Box
          • AC Power Cable
          • User Guide Kit (Documentation and Warranty)
          • $500 in So Fontsy Designs - Printable Patterns, Images, Commercial Use (Please note that the card is valid for the card redemption portion of the site)
          • 1st Month Membership to SoFontsy VIP Enterprise
          • Manual
          • Lifetime Support
          • Windows & Mac Print Drivers
          • USB, WiFi, Ethernet Connections
          • 1-Year Warranty

          SPEC SHEET
          EPSON D570 MANUAL

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