UniSub at Swing Design

Unisub is known for producing sublimation products with excellent print quality. The surfaces are specially coated to enhance color vibrancy and sharpness, resulting in professional-looking designs. Unisub offers a diverse range of sublimation blanks, including photo panels, mugs, phone cases, and more. This variety allows you to explore and create a wide array of personalized items to suit different preferences and purposes. Most versatility in sublimation Top Unisub Products Unisub Sublimation Round Bag Tag Blank 4" - 5507 Unisub Sublimation Sample Blank Set - 5 Piece Unisub Sublimation Rectangle Bag Tag Blank 2.5"x 4.25" - 5655 Unisub sublimation products offer unparalleled versatility, making them ideal for diverse applications. From personalized home décor such as wall art and coasters to unique gifts like customized mugs and keychains, Unisub provides a wide range of substrates. Businesses can also leverage Unisub for effective promotional items, including branded phone cases and office supplies, while artists and designers can explore creative expression across various surfaces, from apparel to specialty items like dog tags and name badges.