Swapping From DTF Station Ink to Color Max

We're making the switch to Color Max!

Formulated for DTF printing, this new ink provides the following benefits:

- Even and consistent texture without any loss in color vibrancy

- High color density and wide color gamut

- Pairs well with DTF Station DTF Powder and DTF Film

What: Future shipments will gradually include more Color Max Ink and less DTF Station ink until our stock of DTF Station ink is gone.

Why: While DTF Station ink is still a great ink to use with your DTF printer(s), we have worked to create an even better formula that will ensure the best quality and reliability.

Should I be worried?

Rest assured! Your DTF Station ink is still perfectly usable with your DTF printer. Please read the next section on how to make the transition once your Color Max ink arrives.

Is it safe to mix my DTF Station ink with Color Max Ink?

Only the black and white colors are safe to mix. Color Max Black and White ink can be mixed with DTF Station CMY, Black, and White ink. Once you are low and have run out of the DTF Station Black or White ink, you can insert Color Max White or Black ink and use with your DTF Station CMY ink. 

DTF Station CMY ink and Color Max CMY Ink do NOT mix. Once you are out of any of the DTF Station CMY inks, you will then drain out all the remaining DTF Station CMY ink in your printer before inserting in the new Color Max CMY ink.