STS at Swing Design

As a world leader in wide format, industrial and household inkjet markets STS is recognized for applying cost-effective and cutting-edge technologies in the creation of processes and procedures that streamline ideas into reality. STS’s manufacturing principles are based on continuous improvement and efficiency. STS can offer clients unique industry-specific solutions that can lead to scale-up manufacturing. STS’s manufacturing assets can support simple to highly complex processes within a wide range of batch size, with three fully equipped labs and 50,000 sq. ft of production capacity. Revolutionize your printing business with STS Inks – your key to unparalleled efficiency and reliability in wide-format printing. Our cutting-edge inks are engineered for seamless scalability, ensuring that as your business grows, your printing capabilities do too. Elevate your output quality and expand your horizons with STS Inks – the trusted choice for those who demand excellence in every print. Color is in their DNA.