Silhouette Modelmaker Information & Instructions


  1. Download Software for PC or MAC.
  2. Follow on screen instructions
  3. Enter license key when promoted


Silhouette ModelMaker is rich with easy-to-use features, including the following:

  • Draw shapes using your mouse or using a keyboard input wizard
  • Use pre-made shapes including: cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone, frustum, regular or irregular prism, sphere, torus, wedge shape, platonic solids
  • View images as a wireframe or solid shape (including the ability to add patterns or images onto shape surfaces)
  • Auto-arrange nets or manually move nets to better fit your material
  • Display 3D designs on-screen with dimensions, axis, and coordinates
  • View shape parameters, properties, and formulas for further math and engineering applications
  • Customize your view with various camera tool and shape rotation options, including Immersive View (the ability to go inside your 3D model and walk around!)

ModelMaker uses a native file format (TB4), but can import various file types (STL, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP), and can export both 3D data and nets.

Supports English plus 24 other languages!