xTool S1 Craft Laser Cutter & Engraver Machine Bundles - White

The xTool S1 laser cutter & engraver is the newest edition to an already amazing lineup. xTool S1 offers advanced laser compression technology, eight 5.5W lasers are combined into 40W, realizing high power cutting efficiency comparable to CO2 machines. Cut 18mm wood in 1 pass, or easily cut through colored acrylic. The enhanced stability of the upgraded guide rail structure and 600mm/s high-speed movement will unlock the full potential of the 40W high power laser, resulting in an impressive boost in efficiency. We offer financing on all xTool Laser Machines.

  • Cutting Speed 600mm/s | Cut 18mm Wood in One Pass
  • 40W & 20W Laser with Optional 1064nm IR Laser
  • 23.93" x 15.16" bed with 19.6" x 12.5" Cutting Area
  • Optional Rotary Engraving, Conveyor, Riser, and More
  • Great for Crafters & Small Business

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