Procolored A3 PRO UV DTF & Direct to Object Combo Printer Bundles

The Procolored TX800 PRO dual function UV Flatbed Direct-to-Film (DTF) & Direct-to-Object printer is the best affordable dual function UV printer on the market, allowing for a wide range of materials of varying heights and shapes to be transferred.  The Procolored TX800 can print directly to just about any hard surface including metal, plastic, glass, leather, acrylic, stone, tile, phone cases, tumblers/mugs, and much more.  We offer financing on all Procolored UV Printers.

The Procolored Dual Head A3 Pro UV Direct To Film (DTF) Printer utilizes state-of-the-art UV printing technology to transfer images directly onto film, resulting in improved efficiency and precision. This cutting-edge UV printer enables you to easily apply your designs onto a variety of surfaces, even those that are uneven or hard to print on. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring crystal labels, as our machine simplifies the process for you.

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