Oracal Mounting Tape

When creating a design with Oracal materials, you need the right tools to get the job done right. With our selection of Oracal mounting tape offered at affordable prices, you get the performance you need to bring any design to life in vivid detail with flawless execution. These tapes are acyclic pressure sensitive adhesives which work for high-performance binding and mounting applications. This type of tape is ideal for use on projects requiring a certain level of conformity or on items where thermal expansion is a concern.

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We offer several options for adding the reliable performance of Oracal mounting tape to your arsenal of tools. This high performing binding and mounting solution measures up as 1,000 microns and 40mil to ensure the best outcome for the needs of your project with the choice of 1,100 microns and 44mil in the heavier duty option. These options for Oracal mounting tape also come in a few different sizes to help you make the most of your project such as 1 inch and ½ inch in 36-yard rolls. These rolls are easy to use for added convenience. Simply unroll the amount you need for the project, cut it off, and place the end of the tape back down to secure it back in place on the roll. Thick enough to get the job done without being too overpowering or distracting from the intended feature or design, these tapes can be used on applications such as mounting, bonding, and sealing of illuminated displays, signage, laminated and safety glass, shower screens, glass displays and more. These tapes are heavy duty in their performance and hold but lightweight to carry in your kit making them the best of both worlds. When you need a reliable solution to get the job done without worry, these high-quality tapes from the trusted name of Oracal are the way to go. Order today and complete your next project with ease and confidence!

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