March 07, 2019


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I recently added the adorable pink Heat Press....and I can't think of one reason not to love it. In fact there are 5 reasons this might be the perfect heat press for you!  

5 Reasons the Pink Heat Press May be Perfect

 1. Compact Mini Heat Press with a Small Foot Print

This is a compact heat press! The 9x12" pink heat press is smaller than the standard 15x15" heat presses, however for a lot of crafters who don't have a designated craft space, that's ideal. With a base of just over 1 square foot, it's probably too big still to fit in a cabinet. However, it takes up significantly less space than a 15x15" heat press and provides a lot better pressure than an EasyPress - which has a similar size footprint. 

2. Clam Shell Style Heat Press Keeps It Small 

It's clam shell style also contributes to the compact size because it doesn't require the extra side to side clearance a lot of other 9x12" heat presses do given their swing away top platen.

Be aware, small clam shell heat presses are notoriously challenging to work on due to the small clearance area between the top and the bottom platens especially toward the back. Be careful or you could burn your knuckles! 

The small size allows you to easily move this mini heat press from the floor to the table or counter when you need to use it. That brings us to Reason #3 the pink craft heat press may just be perfect. 

3. Lightweight Heat Press (Easily Portable!)

At just 35 pounds, the pink craft heat press is lightweight. That means it's not only easy to move, but it's easy to transport - to places like home parties or shows where you're applying heat transfer vinyl on the spot.  A portable heat press that provides good, even pressure - without manual labor - is ideal.

4. Best Heat Press for Small Projects

The 9x12" size of the heat press is great for smaller projects like baby outfits. The smaller size of the lower platen allows for baby and child-size outfits and shirts to hang off the edge of the press which prevents the thicker areas of neck seams and snaps from creating pressure gaps.

I have also found that the 9x12 lower platen is the PERFECT size when adding heat transfer vinyl to canvas.

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