xTool D1 Pro Extension Honeycomb Cutting Panel

xTool Extension Honeycomb Panels - Large Format Cutting Partner with D1/D1 Pro

Clean Cutting Effect - More efficient smoke evacuation during the cutting process prevents wood and other materials from smoke browning
Stronger Load-Bearing Capacity - The thicker steel bar (5mm) helped increase the load capacity of the panel to 5kg, making it much stronger and less susceptible to deformation

  • Guarantee Your Large Format Cutting Work - 37.6" x 17"
  • High quality aluminum base plate protects your desk from
    laser damage
  • Magnetic Material Pins
  • Better Air Circulation
  • More Secure Protection 
  • mm & inch Scale Measurements

Bundle Includes:

  • Honeycomb Panel
  • Aluminum Panel 
  • 4 Magnetic material Clips
  • Corner Clamps
  • Protection Pads

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