Uninet IColor 600 Digital White Transfer Printer Bundle w/ $695 Software

Revolutionary A3 Portable Tabloid Transfer Printer with White Overprint and Underprint Capabilities

UniNet presents the on demand, wide format multimedia digital printer for in house product of garments, hard surfaces, labels, art reproduction, stationary, banners, marketing customization and much more!

Use the IColor 600 for five different uses: Heat transfer printing with white overprint, right side reading with white underprint, regular CMYK prints without white, optional fluorescent printing, and optional sublimation transfer printing. Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridges, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function. For best results we suggest pressing transfers with a Hotronix Fusion or Geo Knight heat press.

What’s so unique about the IColor 600 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer?

  • The smallest form factor and lightest weight printer available for tabloid sized printing.
  • The ability to print white as an underprint AND an overprint in the same machine, in one pass, using the IColor ProRIP or TransferRIP software ($695 Value)
  • Print and press onto cotton, polyester, 50/50 and more! For best results we suggest pressing transfers with a Hotronix Fusion or Geo Knight heat press.
  • The white opacity of UniNet’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and solid background to bring out the vibrancy of your colors.
  • The true black cartridge is included with the printer, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed.
  • Optional sublimation, fluorescent, security and clear toner cartridge options.
  • Lowest cost and most flexible machine available.
  • No maintenance associated with ink based machine is necessary. The IColor 600 is a toner based system.
  • Large array of media available for virtually any project.
  • Global sales, support and service direct from UniNet or its dealer network.
  • Print  up to 11.8” x 52” (300 x 1321mm)

The IColor 600 is an integrated solution that enables users to create exceptional apparel such as t-shirts, logo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, aprons, tote bags, labels and more. Apply to both light and dark fabrics when combined with our premium or standard heat transfer paper for vivid colors, bright whites, glowing fluorescents, and true blacks.

Comes complete with 4 toner cartridges for full color and white printing (CMYW) as well as a true black printing kit (toner and drum combination). Just quickly swap the black for white when you want true black printing.

Print & Transfer Onto:
Natural and Synthetic Fabrics * Dark and Light Fabrics * Leather * T-Shirts and Sweatshirts * Aprons * Corporate Logo Shirts * Mouse Pads * Sports Apparel * Jackets * Label Stock of All Kinds * Mugs * Banners * Window Cling * Wood * Tile * Metal * Acrylic * And Much More!

UniNet iColor 600 Printer Includes:

  • UniNet iColor 600 Letter/A3 Printer
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & White Toner Cartridges
  • Black Printing Kit (Toner & Drum combo)
  • iColor ProRIP & SmartCUT for PC - $695 Value
  • iColor Manuals USB
  • Power & USB Cords
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • $500 in So Fontsy Designs - SVGs, JPGs, Commercial Use (Please note that the card is valid for the card redemption portion of the site)


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