Uninet Direct To Film (DTF) Film Shaker - 16 in x 20

No more manual or messy powdering for your DTF™ processes! With this compact and well designed FilmShaker, DTF™ powder is evenly distributed to your DTF™ sheets via the push of a lever, and excess powder is evenly and automatically removed at the push of a button. Powder adheres only to your printed areas, and excess powder is easy to recirculate for additional uses.

Holds the following DTF™ film sizes (adjustable): A4 sheets, A3 sheets, A3+ sheets, 16" x 20" sheets

FilmShaker Features:

  • Accepts DTF™ film up to and including 16 in x 20 in sizes
  • Compact Desktop footprint
  • Easy operation and zero maintenance
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Compact and well designed
  • Applies an even distribution of powder
  • Push-button removal of excess powder
  • Excess powder collection for reuse
  • Improved DTF™ workflow

Ideal for use with the DTF 100 sheet fed DTF™ printer or equivalent. Not recommended for roll fed printers. 

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