Roland HeatSoft Medium Tack Polyester Transfer Mask - 54" x 75 FT

Roland DG PGM-PTM2 is a 100% polyester transfer tape for printed and cut graphics produced with HeatSoft PLUS ESM-HTM3 heat transfer material and Roland DG’s Eco-Sol Max or Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks. This mask is designed to lift the graphic from its backing liner sheet without removing ink off the printed surface, allowing for optimum release shortly after pressing. PGM-PTM2 ensures that the graphic printed on HeatSoft PLUS ESM-HTM3, a thin stretchy heat transfer media, remains dimensionally stable during the transfer process. It keeps separate components positioned properly relative to one another, while also acting as protective barrier between the graphic and the heat press used to affix that graphic onto the garment.

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