Roland EGX-30A Desktop Rotary Engraver

The Roland EGX-30A Desktop Engraving Machine is powered by an advanced DC brushless motor and delivers the fastest production speeds in its desktop class.  This powerful engraving solution comes complete with bundled software, a vacuum hose and a brass adapter for scribing, boosting production and profits while running quietly in any office setting.

The EGX-30A is truly a versatile device that powers out a wide range of personalized products, enabling diamond scribing of brass, aluminum, copper, and engraving plastics and wood. The following items represent just some of the revenue possibilities: Safety signs, jewelry, personal items, badges, luggage tags, nameplates, hunting items, funeral plates, key rings, trophies, awards, and rhinestone decoration.

  • Engrave onto safety signs, badges, jewelry, key rings, accessories, etc.
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Convenient 12" by 8" work area
  • Vacuum hose and a brass adapter for scribing
  • Bundled with engraving software and tools

Bundle Includes:

  • EGX-30A Desktop Engraver
  • Dr. Engrave and R-Wear Studio Software
  • Dust collector hose and duct
  • Character cutter
  • Engraving tool holder
  • Diamond scribe adapter
  • Hexagonal screw driver
  • Spanner
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Test Material
  • Adhesive sheet for securing material 
  • AC Adapter/ Power Cord
  • USB Cord
  • Users Manual
  • Only works with Windows OS
  • Lifetime Product Support
  • Trouble-Free Warranty

EGX-30A User Manual
EGX-30A Setup Guide

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