Prestige Seismo A13 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer Oven

After you print your design, the Seismo A13 DTF Powder Applicator & Dryer takes over by evenly spreading, then melting the exact amount of adhesive material directly onto your design saving time, effort and cost. Three resources you need to conserve to run a profitable business. Also, with a handy vacuum absorption platform and infrared heat drying, you are assured a smooth result every time. 


  • Having a simple to use touch screen really helps. Just touch the desired option to navigate through the menus and voila, you’re ready to go!
  • Customizable automatic powder recycling feature, increases effectiveness against manual recycling.
  • Infrared drying and heating improves and protects color reproduction.
  • The vacuum absorption conveying platform secures the printing material to avoid bulging, run-offs, and media waste.
Media Dimensions up to 13" wide DTF Rolls
Power ≈800W
Shaking Mechanism Motor vibration,
automatic powder return-free
Heating Method Back baking and front baking - Fast, constant temperature heating
Take-up and Feed Film Auto-sensing
Operation Mode Manual control/Auto control
Mesh Belt Drum suction operation mesh belt
Automatic Deceleration of Film Cutting Prevent deformation of heating film
Method of Dusting Constant weight automatic sensing
Weight approx. 120 lbs
Shipping Weight 170 lbs
Product Dimensions 34" x 26" x 24"
Package Dimensions 35" x 28" x 34"
Configuration With All-in-one smoke purifier

Please note that the Seismo only works with film rolls.  This is not compatible with the Prestige A3+ Sheet Printer

The Prestige Seismo Power Applicator and Dryer Oven ships via insured fright on a pallet.

Seismo Manual

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