Mimaki CG-130FXII PLUS 62" Professional Bundle, $360 Software & Warranty

The CG-FXII Plus Series cutters feature high speed, continuous crop mark detection for precise contour cutting. A proprietary half cut function leaves a small bit of backing sheet at connecting points for easier handling. An over cut function makes a cross cut at the start and end positions, resulting in sharp edges with no undercut fragments. These models are ideal for producing decals, stickers, cut-vinyl signs and more.

  • Continuous crop mark detection for contour cutting; half cut function for easier handling
  • Three selectable job speeds
  • ID Cut Function for automation and unattended operation
  • Media load from front or back
  • Pouncing function (kit needed)
  • Perfect companion for any Mimaki roll-to-roll printer
  • FineCut9 software included

Continuous Mark Detect
Crop marks are automatically and continuously detected between copies, which delivers accurate cuts over longer distances.

Half Cut
With this function, the backing sheet can be cut leaving behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary, creating contour cut pieces that are easy to handle.

Over Cut
This function makes a cross cut at the start and end positions, delivering a finished piece with sharp edges and no undercut fragments that can ruin a job.

Zero Margin Mark
Reduces the amount of area that standard crop marks require, allowing for more copies in the same space.

ID Cut
ID Cut utilizes barcode recognition that allows for the cutting details rotation of a job to be accurate, regardless of the loading direction.

Bundle Includes: 

  • Mimaki CG-130FXII PLUS 52" Vinyl Cutter
  • Cutting Width - 51.2"
  • Max Media Width - 62"
  • Blade & Blade Holder
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Pen Holder
  • Roll Feeder
  • 1 Roll Oracal 651 White 24" x 30 Feet
  • 1 Roll Oracal 651 Black 24" x 30 Feet
  • Oracal 651 Swatch Book
  • Vinyl Scraper
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Heat Transfer & Vinyl Application Guide
  • $200 to So Fontsy Design Store. So Fontsy offers Thousands of COMMERCIAL AND PERSONAL USE Designs & Fonts. Over 70 of the Top Designers in the Industry. All Files are Cut Friendly and 100% Commercial use.
  • Stand
  • FineCut9 Software - Cutting Software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW
  • Scale Seal
  • Power Cable
  • Manual 
  • 2 Year Warranty & 90 Day Part Warranty


*Sheet basket not included with purchase

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