Uninet iColor 540 Digital White Toner Printer

The IColor 540 is a unique, low cost and versatile on-demand printing solution for short to mid run transfer production of garments, labels, stationary, banners, hard surfaces, art reproduction, marketing customization and much more! The IColor 540 is like having a professional print shop on your desktop, incorporating professional quality image printing capabilities, as well as optional specialty toner upgrade kits such as dye sublimation, fluorescent, clear and security toners.

Use the IColor 540 for five different uses:

  • Heat transfer printing with white overprint™
  • Right side reading applications with white underprint™
  • Regular CMYK prints without white
  • Optional fluorescent printing
  • Optional dye sublimation transfer printing

Print & Transfer Onto:
Natural and Synthetic Fabrics * Dark and Light Fabrics * 100% Cotton * Leather * T-Shirts and Sweatshirts * Aprons * Corporate Logo Shirts * Mouse Pads * Sports Apparel * Jackets * Label Stock of All Kinds * Mugs * Banners * Window Cling * Wood * Tile * Metal * Acrylic * And Much More!

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