Product Design Services

product design companies Swing Design offers custom design and private-label product development services for style driven partners. We enjoy collaborating with leading retailers and other businesses with the goal of sharing Swing’s experience, style, and creativity.

We take pride in our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each of our partners. We design complete collections as well as stand-alone items. The photos to the right represent a small sampling of our successful collaborations.

Our twenty years of experience has broadened our range of abilities and partnerships. We are fluent with most materials, finishes, styles, and product categories.

Design is simply the beginning… find out more about our experience with sourcing, manufacturing, importing, warehousing, and shipping by clicking here.

Our Product Design Services:

  • Concept Development and Refinement
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • 2D and 3D Rendering Presentations
  • Corporate and Promotional Gifts
  • Brand Building/Graphic Identity
  • Market Research
  • Packaging

Contact us with your design inquiries at:

Beyond Product Development Services:

  • Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • Importing and Shipping
  • Logistics
  • U.S. Warehousing and Distribution
  • Product Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Factory Audits


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