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About Swing Design

development companiesSwing Design has created stylish picture frames, tabletop, storage, entertaining, jewelry, lacquer, and travel accessories since 1991. We utilize authentic materials and finishes that accentuate the beauty of wood, metals, glass, and textiles. Swing products are designed by our talented group of designers in Concord, Massachusetts.

The majority of our items are truly handmade, small-craft production pieces. We do, however, utilize modern, automated processes for larger production runs. Our designs are manufactured in workshops and factories where we have long-standing relationships. In this way, we can ensure the quality and integrity of each piece.

In addition to the designs shown here on our site, we invite you to consider Swing Design for your custom design inquiries. We have provided custom design, manufacturing, importing, and warehousing services for many of the most respected brands and retailers around the world.